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The Best Of The Best

On the 25th of September, we had “Day of Foreign Languages” in our school - a small contest for students in grade 3.  The main thing about the event was that all 3rd grade students rivalled against themselves. The main prize was money and a “free” day from asking. The contest was in English and German.  We had 6 different competitions: Spelling (2 questions for each class), Culture (2 questions for each class), Flags (6 different flags), Grammar (in English and German, 3 questions for each class), Monuments (7 different monuments from different English/German speaking countries) and Special Idioms (3 questions for each class)in both languages. All 4 classes took part in the contest. The game was really fair with the class 3D taking it all. The whole event was educating, fun and it ended with a short speech from the Deputy Headmaster of our school and presented the winners with awards.